Release Information

About WPS 3.2

For a more generalised overview of the current features of WPS not just the 'new' features summarised below, please refer to the Products section.

Release Date

  • WPS version 3.2 was released on 08 Jan 2016.
  • WPS version 3.2.2 was released on 19 Apr 2016.
  • WPS version 3.2.3 was released on 03 Oct 2016.
  • WPS version 3.2.4 was released on 04 Apr 2017.
  • WPS version 3.2.5 was released on 11 Oct 2017.
  • WPS version 3.2.6 was released on 06 Apr 2018.
  • WPS version 3.2.7 was released on 28 Jun 2018.
  • WPS version 3.2.8 was released on 21 Sep 2018.
  • WPS version 3.2.9 was released on 04 Mar 2019.
  • WPS version 3.2.10 was released on 05 Sep 2019.

Related Documents

Please visit the Documentation section to view Documents For WPS Version 3.2.

Upgrade Notes

Only if you are upgrading from WPS version 2 do you need to be aware of special upgrade considerations. Please refer to the notes about upgrading from version 2 to version 3.

New in WPS Version 3.2.10

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.10 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.9

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.9 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.8

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.8 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.7

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.7 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.6

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.6 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.5

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.5 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.4

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.4 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.3

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.3 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2.2

Updates and Enhancements

WPS 3.2.2 provides fixes and minor enhancements.

New in WPS Version 3.2

New graphical output capabilities

On all platforms, version 3.2 provides new ODS improvements, new plotting and graphical output capabilities, enhancements to existing statistical procedures and new support for additional statistical procedures including NLIN, BOXPLOT, CANDISC, SIMNORMAL, CORRESP, NESTED and NPAR1WAY.

Hadoop Integration

The new release of WPS provides connectivity to Hadoop big data sources via new language support under FILENAME, LIBNAME and PROC HADOOP. This Hadoop support provides connectivity to Hive or Impala via standard or pass-through SQL.

New Multi-threaded DB2 Engine

The DB2 library engine has been re-implemented in version 3.2 to provide multi-threaded support and other performance improvements. On all platforms results being returned from DB2 can now be auto-partitioned, meaning that the data is returned simultaneously over multiple threads, improving performance in many scenarios. For backwards compatibility, the old library engine is still in place but under the version 3.2 engine name of DB2OLD.

VSAM and XML Support

Specifically for z/OS users, there is additional language support for VSAM use and a new ability to read and write to XML files.

Dataset Editing

For users of the WPS Workbench GUI, the dataset viewer has been enhanced to allow in-place context-aware editing of the dataset contents, column reordering plus dynamic filtering and sorting.

Asynchronous WPS Communicate

The existing WPS Communicate feature (the ability to programmatically pass the execution of parts of a SAS program on a PC to a server or mainframe instance of WPS) has been enhanced to provide an asynchronous mode that leads directly to performance improvement for a large class of workloads. The asynchronous mode allows sub-programs (multiple SAS programs, or parts of a single SAS program) to be executed simultaneously on multiple machines and their results consolidated and acted upon based on the duration of the longest running sub-program. The previous release of WPS only supported synchronous mode that meant the consecutive execution of each sub-program. The new capability also permits asynchronous local processing, where a large program could potentially be broken down into several parallel sub-programs that are all executed locally.

Data Step Views

Data step views and stored compiled data steps are now supported under WPS version 3.2. This new support exploits the multi-threaded capabilities of the host operating system, so that views are executed in parallel with their usage, offering the potential for significant performance improvements.

WPS Link to Windows Servers

The WPS Link client/server technology has been expanded from a previous UNIX only solution to now support use with Windows Server environments. This is made possible through new support in WPS for use with Bitvise SSH technology on a Windows server.

Core Language Support

WPS version 3.2 continues the expansion of it's language support with even more new language items.

Upgrading from WPS Version 2 to WPS Version 3

New Version 3 WPS Dataset

Please read carefully in the WPS version 3 "releasenotes.txt" file (see Documentation) the section "WPD Library Engine and Data Migration and Performance Considerations" for important information regarding:
  1. Data migration for use with version 3
  2. Ongoing operation in mixed WPS version 3 and WPS version 2.x environments

Command Line Interface - Windows Users

The name of the command line executable for WPS has been changed from wpsi.exe to wps.exe. Existing batch scripts and other references to wpsi.exe will need to be changed to wps.exe.

Command Line Interface - Linux, AIX Users

The location of the command line executable for WPS has been moved from the root of the WPSHOME directory to the bin subdirectory. Existing shell scripts and other references to WPS will need to be changed to bin/wps.

Licence Keys

Existing version 2 licence keys are not compatible with WPS version 3. A new version 3 licence key will be required in order to activate the new software. A new version 3 licence key is free to valid licence holders. Existing licence holders can request a new version 3 licence key by Contacting The WPS Support Team.

Obtaining the Software

WPS version 3 is a free upgrade for all valid licence holders. Please ensure you have read the licence key notes above before upgrading to version 3. If you have personal login details to access the WPS software download server, just use these to login and you will see WPS version 3 ready to download and install. If you do not have personal login details, please talk to the nominated person in your organisation/department responsible for coordinating how you obtain new releases of WPS in your organisation.