Service Lifetime


Software Service Lifetime (Sunset) Policy

World Programming provides technical support until the End-Of-Life (EOL) date for each version of WPS software released.

Versions and Version Numbers

WPS software version numbers are of the form A.B.C where:

  • A is the major version number
  • B is the minor version number
  • C is the revision number

When a new version of software is released then:

  • Change of major version number A is a major upgrade
  • Change in minor version number B is a minor upgrade
  • Change in revision number C is an update

Upgrades typically include new features. Major upgrades may include changes of behaviour and incompatibilities with earlier versions. We recommend that you test all upgrades thoroughly before use to ensure that the new software performs adequately, and so that you understand any new features or behaviour so that you get the most benefit from them and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Updates include fixes to resolve functional defects, performance issues and documentation errors. Updates do not typically include new features but may do in some cases. While we intend updates to be stable, fully backward-compatible maintenance improvements with minimal risk to deployment, we recommend that you fully test all updates before use. The technical risk of deploying an update, in terms of functional regression, is lower than the risk of deploying an upgrade.

General Availability and Early Access Programme

When software is officially released it is “Generally Available” (GA). Our GA software goes through a rigorous QA process including testing, documentation and localisation, and is ready for prime-time use. We typically release GA software once per year, usually in Q1.

If you join our Early Access (EA) programme you will have access to EA releases of our software, typically made available once per quarter. The technical support entitlement and service lifetime of EA software is different to GA software.

As a member of the EA programme, you are entitled to use the EA software in place of the GA software that has been licensed to you. We may offer Technical Support Services entirely at our discretion.

If you plan to use EA software in your production environment, we may agree to provide full technical support services; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The EOL date for EA software is the date of the subsequent EA release - that is, EA software has a typical lifetime of three months, beyond which any use of the EA software by you is unsupported unless agreed by us in advance.

Service Lifetime and End-Of-Life

Any upgrade, whether major or minor, constitutes a new GA version of our software.

We support each GA version of our software for a minimum of either four years after its release date or three years after the release date of the following GA version, whichever is later. Each version may receive one or more revisions. Revisions do not affect EOL dates.

If you wish to use a GA version of our software beyond its EOL date, you must contact us to discuss your requirements. Additional fees may be payable in the event continued usage is permitted.

We may offer access to non-GA software in certain circumstances, for example software under early access or technical preview schemes, sometimes known as pre-alpha, alpha or beta software. We may agree to provide technical support for production use on a case-by-case basis. All preview software falls outside our GA service lifetime commitments.